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Our mission is to provide an unforgettable experience to everyone who travels with us. Take a look at what past and present clients had to say about their trip with R&E Tours.

Outstanding service! Will use [R&E Tours] again!

-Immaculate Heart of Mary, Columbus 2017


This year our trip was fantastic! I wouldn't change a thing. I have reccommended [R&E Tours] to many other schools!

-Guy Middle School, Washington D.C. 2017

I would tell a teacher that they should highly consider R&E Tours. The students get so much value for the cost - guarenteed tickets, meal reservations etc. Very knowledgeable staff as well (many of which are former teachers). R&E Tours is the best!

-Harding Middle School, Washington D.C. 2016

This trip is the highlight of my year! I just love R&E Tours, and am already looking forward to next year's trip with the wonderful R&E Tours.

-Harding Middle School, Washington D.C. 2016

R&E Tours always offer the perfect balance of education, fun and value to make for wonderful and memorable trips.

-Heritage Middle School, Washington D.C. 2016

This was the best trip that I have been on. I liked the variety of activities as well as the hotel setup (kids on one floor, breakfast in ballroom, etc.)

-Streetsboro Middle School, Washington D.C. 2016

R&E Tours made the trip fun and easy! Having the hotel security was a plus, allowing the adults to stay rested without worry. Rick's magic tricks were also awesome!

-Saint Mary's Central Catholic School, New York City 2016


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