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Below is a list of our most popular trips forHigh School Students - Grades 9-12

Travel is extremely important for High School students to show them all that the world has to offer.

Below are some of the most historical, powerful and fun cities in the world, just hours from your school.


Click on a destination below to learn more about what it has to offer or request a quote if you are ready!


New York City offers endless possibilities for all types of student groups.  We can arrange performance opportunities, educational tours, dance classes and Broadway Shows for your group.

Chicago offers endless itineraries for all kinds of groups, including 7th Grade Educational Tours, Spanish-themed trips or Bands, Choirs and other Performance Groups.

The most historical city in America has preserved so many of their treasures for visitors to experience.  We can also arrange fun night activities and unique meals to fill your itinerary!

Toronto is Canada's largest city and is one of the most cultural cities in the world.  Great for Arts Groups and Senior Trips, we can also include 1 or 2 days in Niagara Falls, depending on your needs.

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