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Frequently Asked Questions


No.  All payments are non-refundable.  It is very important to have a guaranteed count of passengers to make the trip planning process easier for everyone - including yourself.  We may not be able to determine a final cost until all payments have been received and we know how many passengers will be on the trip.

Is a refund available if a student is removed from a trip for disciplinary reasons?


We do not normally recommend that group's travel overnight.  There are many different safety issues that can arise.  The cost of driving overnight can also sometimes be equal to the cost of adding a day to the trip and staying at a hotel one additional night.

Can we drive overnight?


Yes, but they must be re-sealable.  Please do not bring any sort of food or drink that can not be closed.  That includes bags of chips, juice boxes, etc.  Please refer to your school's policies for more information about what can and can not be brought

on the trip.

Can we bring drinks and snacks on the bus?


It is ultimately the school's decision as to what can and can not be brought on the tour. We do recommend to each school that they allow cell phones on overnight trips.

Can I bring my cell phone?


Every passenger on the trip and at least one parent/guardian for each student should attend the Orientation Meeting, which is normally held about 2-5 weeks before every overnight trip.

Who should attend the Orientation Meeting?

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